Cyclone Band

Congratulations to the following students for making the 2015 All-State Bands!
(** - Denotes Participation in the All-State Chamber Orchestra)
Flutes   Clarinets  Alto Saxophone
 Mallory Harrison**
Wind Symphony 1st Chair
 Lydia Arnold
Symphonic Band 20th Chair
 Cole Birmingham
Symphonic Band 4th Chair
 Madison Tramel
Symphonic Band 11th Chair
 Trevor Guiltner
Concert Band 5th Chair
Tenor Saxophone
 Jonathon HodgeCook
Concert Band 2nd Chair
 Hailey Bates
Concert Band 7th Chair
 Alexa Wages
Concert Band 3rd Chair
 Kalley Williams
Concert Band 3rd Chair
 Marcos Aguilar
Concert Band 22nd Chair
 Shelby Robberson
4th Alternate
 Jeremy Collins
Symphonic Band 8th Chair
 Hannah Pace**
Wind Symphony 1st Chair
Bass Clarinet
 Hannah Cochran
Concert Band 1st Chair
Soledad Flores
1st Alternate
French Horn 
Patricia Means
Concert Band 3rd Chair

Contrabass Clarinet
 John Vogler
Symphonic Band 3rd Chair

 Jeremiah Westcott
Symphonic Band 2nd Chair
 Bryce Owens
Symphonic Band 4th Chair


 Darin Parker
Wind Symphony 8th Chair
   Corey Nolan
Symphonic Band 4th Chair
 Kaleb Kassaw
Concert Band 9th Chair
   Stephen Hunt
Concert Band 6th Chair

Congratulations to the following students for making the 2015 All-State Jazz Bands!
 Tenor Sax Piano  Drums 
 Cole Birmingham
Second Band 1st Chair
Kalley Williams
Second Band 2nd Chair 
 Darin Parker
Second Band 1st Chair

Congratulations to the following students for making the All-Region Bands!
(*- Denotes All-State Tryout Qualifier)
 Flutes Oboes Clarinets 
Mallory Harrison* 1-1  Hannah Pace* 1-1  Hailey Bates* 1-7
Kalley Williams* 1-2 Hannah Cochran* 1-2  Marcos Aguilar* 1-9
Jonathon HodgeCook* 1-6  Patricia Means* 2-1  Trevor Guiltner* 1-10
Madison Tramel* 1-9  Maxim Van Houtte 2-3   Lauren Roberts* 1-11
Miranda Kraus 1-11     Lydia Arnold* 1-13
Allison Rucker 2-2  Bassoons   Shelby Robberson* 1-15
Sarah Cole 2-5  Shivani Patel* 2-1  Gabby Abbott 1-18
Maliyah Johnson 2-11   Megan Skartvedt* 2-2 Alejandra Velazquez 1-23 
Brooke Owens 2nd Alternate     Haley Frost 1-24
    Renee Cawyer 1-25 
Alto Saxophones  Bass Clarinet   Bheyleigh Nufer 2-1
 Cole Birmingham* 1-1 Soledad Flores* 1-4   Elizabeth Escabado 2-6
 Kaylee Chambers* 1-5    Morgan Taylor 2-7
Gracie Davenport 2-2     Karrie Cochran 2-10
Alex Hernandez 1st Alternate  Contrabass Clarinets  Caroline Baughn 2-12 
  Jeremiah Westcott* 1-2   Betsie Rodriguez 2-17
Tenor Saxophones  Elizabeth Rhodes 2-2   Hannah Rickman 2-18
 Justyn McEntire* 1-1    David Bell 2-22
Alexa Wages* 1-3    Tori Barnes 2-26 
 Jonathan Hughes 2-2 Trumpets  Melissa Geeo 1st Alternate 
  Jeremy Collins* 1-4   Shayla Kinder 5th Alternate
Baritone Saxophones  Kam Osborne* 1-10   
 Luke Allen* 1-2 Emily Cooper* 1-11   
 Belle Walker 2-1 Sylvia Nupp 1-13   French Horns
  Gabriel Russell 2-13   John Vogler* 1-4
Euphoniums     Bryce Owens* 1-5
 Corey Nolan* 1-1    Taylor Kilgore 1-8
 Stephen Hunt* 1-3 Trombones   Maureen Balcerzak 2-2
 Bailey Green 2-2 Allyssa Voth* 1-4  Ben Rector 2-7 
 Jared Johnson 2-3  Renea Ringwald* 1-7  Katie Walker 2-8
 Hunter Piearcy 3rd Alternate Oscar Lara 2-3  Kelsey Kennard 2nd Alternate
  Chris Schaubroeck 2nd Alternate  
Tubas     Darin Parker* 1-1
 William Duran* 1-6  Bass Trombone  Kaleb Kassaw* 1-5
 Alex Romero 2nd Alternate  Ronnie Wells* 1-1  Hailey Smith 2-11

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Congratulations to the band on their first division at contest!