Dance Team

Coach:  Amber Casey

Questions We Asked Ms. Casey:

Q-  How many years have you been dancing?
A-  I have coached dance for 10 years.  I played basketball in high school and didn't dance, but when I became a teacher I got the coaching job.  I learned how to dance and how to coach along the way!

Q-  What is your favorite part of the dance team?
A-  My favorite part about being a coach for the dance team is the relationships I build with my girls.   I have several girls that I have kept in touch with over the years and I am still close to as a result of dance team.  

Q-  What do you like the most about dancing/performing (in front of the audience)?
A-  I think the best part about performances is the adrenaline rush I get when the girls nail a particularly hard part of the dance and the crowd claps in the middle of the routine.  Also, I love when the girls are proud of themselves.  A lot of work goes into dancing that no one ever sees.  They are athletes who practice for hours and hours each week for every performance.

RHS Dance Team 11-12